Suggestions- Cold

Pad Thai

Pad thai noodles bean sprouts, carrot and courgette ribbons, spring onion, ginger, peanuts, chilli and coriander
Dressed with Tamarind, lime, and pumpkin seeds

(Contains peanuts, sesame and soy)


Butternut squash and bell peppers in basil, Brazil nut and roast garlic pesto, ‘lamb’, butter beans and black olives
Finished with Cherry Tomato, Pumpkin seeds and fresh herbs

(Contains Gluten and nuts)

Buddah Bowl

Steamed Wild rice and buckwheat with Edamame, mange tout, tender stem broccoli
Pistachio, cranberry, tahini and lemon dressing

(Contains Nuts and sesame)

Suggestions- Hot


Arborio rice made creamy with oats and nuts, mixed wild mushrooms and aromatic tarragon
Served with lightly spiced broccoli, cauliflower and green beans

(Contains Nuts and Soy)

Mac ‘n Cheese

Macaroni and ‘chicken’ in cashew and tofu ‘cheese’ sauce
With a lemon and herb crumb, spinach, pumpkin and toasted seed salad

(Contains Gluten Nuts and Soy)


Pumpkin and Coconut ‘Chicken’ Curry with cashews, coriander and chilli
served with steamed Basmati rice and
a cumin and mango chutney

(Contains Nuts and Soy)


Walnut and Orange Carrot Cake

With vegan butter cream icing
Candied Orange, walnuts and cinnamon

Hazelnut and Cherry Double Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate ganache and berry compote

Caramel & Vanilla Cashew Cheesecake

Date and coconut base
Raspberry coulis