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Take your events to another level.
Vegan food, prepared by seasoned chefs. Only high-quality ingredients are used to ensure you and your guests have the best experience possible.
Check our Private Dining & Events menu and enquire online with details of your event.


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Menu cost are per person per dish.
Additional costs will be added depending on clients needs and requests.


WhatPeople Say About us

Thomas has shown himself as an outstanding Chef and a real expert at his job, he was getting frequent compliments from the Owner and guests. He also proved himself to be an honest and reliable person as well as a very responsible employee during his 2,5 years of working for our company. We have found Thomas to be hardworking, professional and would be glad to work with him again in future, as well as recommending him for the Chef position that he may apply for.

Kirill Ivanenko
‘Richard performed at a constant high standard from the moment he came on board. He always produced an excellent menu for crew and guests alike. The guests had no complaints to me throughout the whole season, only compliments. He has an extensive knowledge of different cuisine and has trained in many different environments throughout his career’
Capt Graham Tindall

Thomas is a highly experienced chef with a wide and varying repertoire, which pleases everyone. He is exceptionally well organized. He understands the concept of food hygiene and follows it religiously, rotating his stock and keeping the fridges freshly stocked. Thomas is the consummate professional and I wish him all the best in the future.

Captain Christopher Williams

Thomas has very good organizational skills and the ability to deal with people. He is extremely good with guests and a valuable member of our team. We found him to be trustworthy and well-liked by both fellow staff and guests. I would like to wish him success in the future and should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Claire Marsh

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