Until I discovered cooking I was never really interested in anything

Meet our team….


The idea started with videos being filmed on the super-yacht Thomas was working on-board, cooking and creating vegan meals and recipes and interacting with followers. Driven to help the cause and inform all of the horrors and negative impact of meat production, dairy farming and fishing. The best way to get those points across, be direct, tell it how it is, and provide an alternative. The Veganist Pro is here to do those things.

Co Founder

Seeing what Thomas had started, and being equally driven to inform about the production and cruelty surrounding the non plant based food industry, Richard got involved. After working on a few ideas, together they created the alternative. The Veganist pro then began its freshly made, plant based meals, delivered to their customers in Manchester. Keep an eye out for new events, menus and information online!

Veganist Pro Team

Between them, they have over 30 years experience as chefs, having worked in hotels, Michelin starred restaurants, private homes and chalets, catering events, and more recently, super-yachts. Now based in Manchester, they are here for all your vegan catering needs!